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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Try Again

It is a bit odd to think that the last time I gave this a crack, I was in Buenos Aires consumed with the World Cup, thinking about a wedding, and not quite sure what I was going to do after coming back to America.
Now, after a sojourn in Cincinnati, here I am in Washington DC, beginning grad school at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (no - it isn't the med school. Yes, it is a top notch program) and sweltering in 100 heat. Nothing says fun like readings, homework, stress-filled tests, heat and humidity. And to think, the reading, homework, and tests part is only just class that meets every day for a month. Microeconomics. Fun.
On the bright side, I'm meeting a lot of cool people, people with incredible backgrounds, from all parts of the world and all parts of the international working community - government, military, NGO, etc...And then there's me. Hmm...well, if nothing else, I've been to a lot of places.
So why do this again? Why start writing a blog when I'm sure to be burdened with enough reading and writing. Well, I was re-reading posts from Taipei a few weeks ago, and a flood of forgotten moments came back, and I realized that this is an excellent way to keep a journal. And I guess I can let the folks know I'm doing this again and they can keep up with the ups and downs of my new life.
So, before closing this down for the night..a few notes. Our neighborhood is incredible...the northern end of Cleveland Park, where the houses on the cross streets off Connecticut probably average 3 or 4 million. A bunch of embassies around here too. And a lot of promising looking restaurants that sadly we cannot afford!
Before coming to Washington, I was obsessed with listening to NPR and all the political shows and discussions. Since I've been here, I think I've heard 10 minutes of Diane Rehm (even though she broadcasts from about 15 minutes from the front door of our condo), no Talk of the Nation, no All Things Considered, etc etc. My experience of Washington since moving into our place...our immediate neighborhood and the short walk from Dupont Circle Metro to our school. And many trips to Target, a stop at Costco, and a few other shopping related journies. I was going to head to the ellipse in front of the White House to play soccer tonight, but too hot. Hopefully I'll get around a bit sooner or later.
That's it. Anybody who comes around to this, friends and family, and you are thinking about coming to DC...we'd love to have you.
Off to read some Micro now!


Blogger tim said...

welcome! after reading about your travels all over the place, I never thought you'd show up in DC. the weather will improve...


(of Columbia Heights, dc)

12:27 PM  

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