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Monday, June 12, 2006

How to Stop a Country

Just have them play on a Saturday afternoon, against any nation, in the World Cup. At least, this is the recipe in Argentina.

The city stopped at four.

I watched the game at a friend of Natalia's. Their apartment is on the first floow, right above a very busy road. 3:50, still traffic. 4:00, none. Looking out the window I saw at least five cabs pulled over to the side of the road, abandoned, forgotten ignored until after the match. When Argentina scored, with the door to the balcony open, we could here shouts of "GOL!!" coming from unseen locations. The game was being shown on at least four stations, and the papers devote entire sections to the cup each day. There is even a TV station that is only covering the Cup every day, all day for the next month.

The game? The first half was awesome. Fast paced. Argentina in control..two goals (one questionable) and a third goal that wasnt given. The women I was watching the game with shouting at the screen, screaming, cheering. Women I wouldnt have even guessed knew thing one about football rattling off the names of the starting 11 for Argentina, listing clubs they once played at, etc. The second half...well, different story. Argentina shifted to a very defensive style and it got pretty boring, at least until Drogba scored to bring Costa de Marfil within one.

Of course the Celeste and White hung on, and as soon as the final whistle sounded, traffic returned to the streets, the cabs moved on, and life resumed. Apparently, as happened when Boca won the league title this year, thousands went to the Obelisk to keep the party going. All of this has got me to much as I get disgusted by the way in which Argentines dive (and they proved a point I have been making to Natalia and her friends about just how bad they are with that by offering up some text book dives yesterday), it may well be an awesome event if they could get to the final. I can only imagine what would happen in this city (esp if the game was against Brazil, or England). Could they do it? I dont know. Off to a good start in a tough group, and without Messi. The first half was promising, the second half not. And anyway, one game is just not enough to tell (same thing goes with the uninspired second half play of England).

Now the countdown is one for Ceska and US. About 14 hours away. Damn, I love the World Cup.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Theatre Cafe

The inside of (I think it was called) the Theatre Cafe in any rate, the cafe was next to the theatre, and not far from the central plaza. The brownies weren't great, and neither was the tea, but the Irish Coffee was good and cheap, and they carry a local brew which isn't bad either. The interior was very inviting after a walk in the wind.
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Theatre Cafe, Black and White

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Church Reflection

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Mural Close-Up

There are several impressive wall paintings in Tandil. This one, a depiction of a story involving some very religious people killing other people for God...sorry, can't remember many details.
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Lago del Fuerte

The Lake of the Fort in Tandil...not so impressive(the fort or the lake), but a nice place to stroll around, even on a windy, cool autumn day.
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