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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Woman Against the Wall

I chatted with this woman for about fifteen minutes on Sunday. She was waiting for I don't know what on the corner across the street from the church. She told me she was from the north, from an area where life is poor enough that when I asked her about it she just shook her head and frowned. "Its no good there," she said. "I never want to go back." She's been in BA for about 15 years now - has five kids and a lot of wear and tear visible on her face. She had a great curiousity about Taiwan, about the US, about my impressions of BA. As I discovered this weekend, in talking to this woman and the local homeless, at least a portion of the impoverished here hold BA very dear in their hearts, despite the struggles they have faced, and those that still define their every day lives. I am beginning to believe that the bond between porteƱos and the city is much stronger than any I have encountered before. I think this is why the city becomes more appealing with each passing day.

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