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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Says a Lot

"The economy is going to pot. Gas prices are escalating. I just voted for Bush because he's a Republican, even though I disapproved of the war. If I could go back, I would not vote for him."

This was a quote in the NY Times today, in an article about George Bush's falling approval ratings. Upon reading that, I had to wonder, how many other people voted for the man because "he was a republican," or, for that matter, how many people vote for a person simply because they are a democrat. I pray that the number is not large, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is...I know it is impossible to be aware of what every candidate for every office stands for or believes, but is it too much to ask that you do a bit of research about what the people running the country stand for, and perhaps, if you discover you disagree with someone despite a similar party affiliation, you do something about it?

In the same article, it mentions that it will be difficult for democrats to regain control of Congress because of the way districts have been drawn, despite the fact that approval for the republican run house is at very very low levels. The assumption, I suppose, being that people will vote by party affilliation. The assumption, perhaps, being that people will say, well, congress sucks, but maybe our guy isn't so bad. Either way, is it too much to ask that people really think about who they are voting for this year, and that the people who end up getting voted for do their damndest to earn it?

Of course, I guess one danger lies in the fact that if people vote their conscious instead of voting their party, no one will seems like things are stuck in a lesser of two evils kind of rut, one I think began back in 2000 when George Bush was first voted into office because neither he nor Al Gore really stood out. So, question: Who is the person, or who is the group that is going to stand up and offer a message that matters? Who's going to be the one who says this is what you need to do for your country, and this is what our government needs to do for you? Who's going to be the one to offer something other than, "Well, I'm better than that guy,"?


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