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Friday, April 21, 2006

Most Recent Visitors

I have a bad habit of looking at my stat counter all the time to see how many people have come to my site on any given day...I've referred to this before (and padded my stats a bit in the process). I also like to see where the visits are coming from, and just now, when I checked, this is what I found. Last ten visits:
Plano, Texas
Rensselaer, IN (hello Padre?)
Cincinnati, OH - no surprise
Buenos Aires, AR (me)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Vejle, Denmark (hello Joost?) - Note, Joost actually lives in Brighton and is from Amsterdam. I had just been talking to a kid about Denmark and somehow Netherlands/Denmark got mixed up in my head. Never mind that the guy is in Brighton. Im getting old.
Sofia, Bulgaria,
South Korea,
Osaka, Japan
North Acton, England, UK

That's just cool. I also have some steady visits from a few places in Africa, and occasional stop ins from the Middle East. I am wondering if I should make some profound statement about the fact that this blog or any blog could reach such a farflung audience, but it doesnt seem necessary. Its just cool, esp. for someone like me whose life and whose blog revolves so much around the idea of introducing people to life in various parts of the world.


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