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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hitting a Milestone

Wow. I just checked to my little counter thing at the bottom of the page and discovered that I have now had more than 10,000 visitors. I can only wonder how many of those 10,000 visits were me checking to see how many people had visited. Half maybe?

10,000 is a pretty big number, I suppose. Then I consider that this is over the span of 13 or 14 months (seems a lot longer) and the number doesn't seem so high. Esp. when one considers that there are plenty of sites that get that many hits in a day or in a month. Oh well. There is always something better, isn't there?

So, to everyone who has helped me reach the 10,000 mark, thank you for your readership and picture-looking ship. Or thank you for your unplanned stop-overs as you flash through the next blog function at the top of your own blog page. I appreciate you spending a second or two on checking out how things are going in my life.


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