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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Dangers of Turning 30

Actually, this happened to me when I was 22, as well. I was in the freezer at the convenience store I worked at in Cincinnati, stacking cases of beer. I bent down to pick one up and as I started to lift, I got stuck. My lower back just blew up. I had to have a friend help straighten me out. Awful.

Sunday, Natalia and I started doing salsa lessons with a friend who is willing to teach us. We made it through the lesson and I didnt step on Natalia too much or otherwise humiliate myself. It was even fun. But then, in the heady aftermoment, as we nibbled on factura (a variety of pastries) and chatted, I bent down to pick something up off the floor and pop. There went the lower back. For the last two and a half days now Ive been moving around like I might break. My Spanish teacher and classmate even laughed at me yesterday as I eased into my chair, careful not to move anything the wrong way, and rather limited in my mobility.

So much for thirty not really being that old.

In other news, it has been quite fun measuring people's surprise in relation to news of my impending nuptials. A few people wrote asking about a stray reference to wedding dresses a few days ago. I sort of let that slip before announcing to people that Natalia and I are getting married in August. Well, it is true. We are getting married in August, and it is starting to feel very real, the thought that we are doing this. We have a salon rented and catering arranged for. We are going through the list of things still to do and moving right along. Natalia is anyway. I'm just the point man for the few people from the US planning to come down.

It might be kind of fun, this getting married thing. We have one wedding here in BA, followed (I am hoping) by a nice month+ long honeymoon in Argentina and Chile. Then it is a bit likely we will get married sometime next year in the US for all the family and friends who couldn't get down here. Then there are several people asking for a wedding in Taiwan. As I wrote in a group email to some friends in Cincinnati, maybe we will just put together a wedding world tour. I suppose it wouldnt be as popular or as profitable as the Rolling Stones world tour, but I am wondering: is there a record for most weddings done in different countries?

No, that is one record I dont think I want to shoot for. I'm just hoping to make it through this one.

Actually, now that I look at the title of this post, and the general theme, the way it has shifted from the pain in my back to the concept of me getting married...I wonder if that is some subconscious thing. The real danger of turning 30, if you are still single, is feeling pressure to take the leap into marriage kind of thing. No, no...not what I mean at all. I promise.


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