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Friday, April 21, 2006

Buenos Aires - Pet Peeves

On this rainy, windy day I need to vent about a few pet peeves in Buenos Aires, in part because one of them just soaked my shoe and the lower half of my pants leg. There are many danger on the sidewalks here - first and foremost in the minds of most dog crap (or caca as it is known here) and thieves. There are also uneven spots and heaps of trash to be found, but one that I really hate, esp. on days like today, are the loose slabs of concrete. You don't know they are there unless you are really paying attention, or unless you step on one and drop a few inches. There are often hidden caches of water underneath these, which burst out as they are displaced by the weight of the sinking concrete. Natalia hates these, too. Mostly because I am the one who steps on them and a lot of times the water will spray on her, too.

A veces, yo pienso que necesito escribir en español acca, porque es una oportunidad para practicar mi español. Tambien aparece que unos de la gente que visiten esta pagina son latinoamericanos. Pero, no tengo pacience para encontrar las palabras que no se todavia.
Quizas es mejor que escriba en la lengua de china. Tengo miedo que voy a olvidar todo de lo que aprendia en Taiwan y China. Ese tambien es una problema.

Back to English now. I don't know what made me dive into that Spanish digression, but I was thinking today...for my wedding here, I am going to need to prepare speeches in Chinese, Spanish, and English. Natalia told me a few days ago that the vows will be in Spanish, but I am thinking about the reception when I will have to stand up in front of everybody and showoff/embarrass myself with what Ive learned in the last year and a half. This isn't a Buenos Aires pet peeve...just a randon thought before I post this and go do my homework.


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