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Thursday, March 30, 2006

La Boca

Here they are, photos from La Boca. We went there last Friday, and much to my dismay, it grew quite cloudy and even rained at times. Not the best situation for taking photos in such a colorful neighborhood. I will go back, though, to take photos a bit away from all the color, where all there is to see are crumbling buildings, clothes hanging inside abandoned, grand old structures with plants growing out of the walls and shirtless, or dirty clothed children hanging around outside.

I find myself writing here less and less. I think it is a direct reflection of the messiness in my head right now. Like, the more I should write things out, the less I do. Of course, it is all personal, too, so that might have something to do with it.

I was going to name this post 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Very Low Opinion of Me Right Now (Most especially my girlfriend), but I was afraid it might come off as being self-pitying and I don't want that. Needless to say, today, or this week, is one of those times where you see aspects of your personality in a bright and startling light that reveals just how unattractive those things are. Add to that the fact that everything I once thought made sense about the future no longer does and a general Latin American-oriented lazy attitude towards finding work and, well, those are just a few reasons that would have been listed.

Where does this all leave me? Desperately needing to lessen the importance of the pronoun me.


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