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Saturday, March 11, 2006


I hope I spelled it right this time. The following pictures are all from Gualeguaychu last weekend. As you can see, the weather was great while we were there, if a bit hot. The town is on the Entre Rios, though, and there are plenty of shady areas by the river bank to rest. There are plenty of sunspots, too, and more than a handful of overweight women with sun sagging wrinkled skin enjoying the heat in low folding chairs. Men with big drum guts grill slabs of meat and kids play in the water. Lovers smooch and lifeguards take mate (the national drink, a strong tea) while waiting for nothing to happen. Carnival music over the loudspeakers, interspersed with Celine Dion muzak. Very atmospheric all in all.
As Ive mentioned (I think)the town closes down from about 1-3 for siesta, maybe 1-4. The main street becomes deserted and the only people you find, save a few cars and people on bikes, are by the river. Around seven the main strip starts to fill with cars and shoppers. The restaurants open at eight and the carnival kicks off at ten. Everything is flat and the buildings are low. It is a perfect place to go to get away from the city. It feels like what I imagine small town Mexico to feel. A woman we met said after carnival season, no one visits. The young people all leave town and nothing happens. Perhaps not a place to live, but a place for a mental health vacation? Yes, I think that would be about right.
I will try to post the pictures of the carnival this weekend.


Blogger pat said...

Sir, you take beautiful pictures. You've got a great talent, and seem to have been given a wonderful opportunity. And that's all I have to say :)

Good luck!

2:52 AM  

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