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Sunday, March 12, 2006


So here they are, photos from last week's carnival celebrations in Gualeguaychu. As you can see, the crowd was big, though not overwhelming, the colors were bright, and the women were scantily clad. The guys were as well, although I fear I have not given a full representation of them here...Sorry for that. Still, it was fun to watch girls and guys alike jump over the barrier between the track and the stands to get close to the various hotties passing by...kissing them and posing for photos. It was even more fun watching the police escort them out.

What can I say about the carnival? It was a good time, although a far cry from Mardi Gras, and I am sure nothing like Brazil. There were a lot of groups up from Buenos Aires - bachelorette parties and guys on the prowl. I was with my girlfriend and that was nice, but I am sure it would have been different had she come with a group of girlfriends and me with a group of guys.

The hotel was very expensive - 70 pesos, and a piece of crap. The older folks next door were talking loudly at 3 AM. The pillow was too tall and very hard. The mattresses sagged and the springs were quite loud. The included breakfast included coffee, juice, and bread. Not even eggs or a bit of fruit.

There were three schools performing, and each one lasted about an hour. In between each, the advertises worked their way down the track. For much of each performance, a band repeated the same song over and over (a different one from each school), but near the end of each came their marching bands. The marching bands were a highlight - heavy on drums and very energetic.

The show finished sometime after two. Many were drunk, many were just trying to stay awake. The morning after we saw several who had not slept, with bloody eyes, dirt and mud stained feet and pants, and body odors that were less than pleasant. As to what they were doing all night, that is a matter for conjecture.

Would I return to Gualeguaychu for Carnival? If it was with a big group, perhaps. Otherwise, Im waiting for the real deal in Brazil.


Anonymous shawn said...


those pictures are amazing!! the colors are out of this world! You must have has an awesome time! Maybe i will be able to join you in Brazil????

2:42 PM  
Blogger Alan Brinker said...

That would be awesome!

8:36 PM  

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