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Saturday, February 04, 2006

An Inside Look

There have been enough travel articles and essays written about how living in a place as opposed to visiting it provides one with a chance to get inside a culture,to see it with different eyes. Im not going to write about that now, but I am going to mention that last night was the first time I experienced a moment in BA when I thought, "Well, I bet they don't talk about this in the Lonely Planet guide to Argentina."

There were seven of us going out. Our destination was a bar in Palermo. Along the way we took a detour through a park. As we approached a feeling of anticipation grew in the car, though I had no idea why. Then I did.

"Look, here comes one now," someone said.
"Here comes what?"

The oh and the wow referred to the sight of a woman wearing the scantest of bikini tops and a sparkling silver G-string. The came another one, this one with a blue bra and a small triangle of red covering her crotch.

"That's a guy."
"No way."
"They all are."
"No way."

But then I began to look closer. Spectacular bodies, but then, hmm, she doesn't have hips. That's a pretty strong face. A bit broad in the shoulders. That one could start for the Steelers. We could make a pretty good basketball team with that group.

They weren't wearing much by the way of clothes, any of them. Most of them really did look like women - and sexy women - from the car on a dark night. The biggest tell tale sign of the true nature of these "girls" came when, while passing one, she might be seen flexing her knees out a bit and putting her hand down her pants in the unmistakeable act of tucking her penis back and out of the way. Who would guess that in this same park in the day time, children come with their parents, kids play football, people sunbathe and read on the benches, etc. And what about the couples I saw sitting on the benches of the park last night...what kind of guy takes his girlfriend on a date to the park where all the transvestites hang out? Then again, all I couldthink about was how much I would like to come back to walk the loop and take pictures.

The bar we went to after was nice. Good music, a crowd of people eating at one in the morning, a plate of tapas (including thin slices of ham, delicious swiss cheese, other types of meat, bruschetta, a shrimp dish, and some calimari - 8 for less than $15 US) and a tasty bourbon concoction in front of me, known as the Italian Stallion that provided a nice kick and only cost $3. It was also well lit, not too loud, with tapestries billowing down from the walls, a DJ booth just above us, etc. In other words, a perfect place to kick off a night out or chill for a few hours over a drink or two before heading home. We chose the latter option as both Natalia and I have been struggling with our health the last few days. We came home at 2:30 and I noticed several clubs on the way home where there was still a line stretching down the sidewalk, and plenty of bars that were so crowded customers were bunched on the sidewalk and in the street, drinks in hand.

What would it be to be almost twenty here instead of almost thirty? Very, very dangerous. But, damn it would be fun.


Anonymous Natalia said...

It costs no less than 20 pesos to take a picture of the transvesties. We did it last time during my friendĀ“s bachelor party.

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodtimes in BA.

11:02 AM  

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