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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


So, are you interested in learning Spanish in Buenos Aires? I have not started yet but it looks like I will study at Lenguas Vivas, a school near Nueve de Julio, the wide street running through the middle of the city. The cost? 400 pesos a month, with classes lasting about three weeks, for four hours a day, Monday - Friday...although the more advanced classes (and there are five levels) only meet Mon-Thursday, and thus cost less. What does 400 pesos cost in American dollars? About $133.
What else have I managed to do in the almost one week Ive been in B.A? I managed to take some of the photos posted over the weekend. I managed to join a gym today, about a 15 minute walk from Natalia's place (60 pesos the first month, 55 the second, and 50 the third). I've also dropped off a resume at an American school - and found out that with schools here you have to take care of getting your own work visa, at least at the schools I talked to. One of them, the Wall Street Institute, pays just 8 pesos an hour, at least according to the secretary, which works out to about $2.50...not really worth it, I think. It seems that the rough going rate for private lessons is about 25 pesos and hour, give or take, and I think if any money is to be made here, that would be the way to do it.
Over the weekend we walked quite a bit, went to a somewhat somnambulent mass in an Anglican Church - a gorgeous building in one of the wealthier neighborhoods, Belgrano. We walked around loving the houses and enjoyed a nice brunch, croissants, eggs, cafe con leche, on a sidewalk at a corner cafe, reading the Sunday paper while people walked their dogs. Then we met some of N.'s friends from Chinese church and went to another cafe for cakes, coffees, smoothies, or wine.
On Friday we had gone out for drinks in Palermo, an Irish bar that went from almost empty to mostly full at around 1:30, a time when all the other bars were packed and getting more packed. Saturday was window shopping and neighborhood strolling and movie watching.
So, after one week, the verdict...if you have a chance to come to Buenos Aires, do it.


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