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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The First Full Day

Buenos Aires is big, that much I know. As to what all it holds, I canĀ“t yet say - it might take awhile to get through all the streets, find all the nooks and crannies. Actually, it would probably take a lot longer than awhile. As it is, here is what I }saw today: a lot of people making out. A couple lying in the grass near the obelisk in the center of the city as hundreds of cars drove by, the girl staring at the guy with the most "I want to mmmm you" face that I've ever seen and then devouring his mouth for the next five minutes. Then, on a sidewalk near a small park, a stunning woman tongueing a rotund guy for at least five minutes as two guys surrounded by trash bags looked on. I got decent pics of both these events. I also saw a lot of people lying around, taking in the sun.
I saw the nicest interior of a McDonalds I have ever seen (and no, I did not eat there). It was old school, old money Europe inside, with a marble fireplace in one room and I could not help but hate McDonalds even more because what should have been a warm wood floor was covered in that awful white and black tile. I visited a 100 year old school, the place I will probably take Spanish class for about 100 US a month. I also had a beer in a large airy cafe, was lectured about the history of the Americas by a guy on a bench near the Congress building, photographed my first Argentine protest (it seems there is one a day - this one was for people whose houses are being taken away...speaking of which, anyone know what happened in the Supreme Court case with the people in Norwood who were fighting pretty much the same thing?) watched an adorable boy feed pigeons (and was quite flattered when I heard the mom tell the boy he was being photo'd by a professional, a notion I did not disabuse her of), was asked my feelings about good old xiao bushi a few times (although here it is just Bush), ate two scoops of tiramisu gelato in a thick sugar cone, checked out the closest gym (less than $20 a month), wrote a bit, kissed my girlfriend several times, hung out at her office for awhile (and witnessed all of her coworkers come in at least two hours late), chatted with one of her coworkers about a musical he is writing, drank coffee, avoided stepping in dog crap, admired several beautiful people, stared at performers on a pedestrian street, inquired about a teaching job, had my hair cut (the last time was in Myanmar, and the time before that China...I think thats pretty cool), clipped my fingernails, ate some fresh pineapple, shook my head at lots of awful graffiti, admired a famous ceiling painting inside a old mall, and watched the same CSI Miami that was on last week in the U.S. All in all a pretty good day.

And an afterthought...Yesterday I mentioned that there is now a site will my Myanmar photos. There is a link at the top of the page to get to that site.


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