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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

En Argentina

Si, yo estoy (or is it soy here) en Argentina. And I am trying to remember how Spanish sounds but Chinese keeps bubbling to the surface. Five hours last night at Miami International Airport, reading, writing, taking pictures of Koreans and chatting with young children on their way to Uruguay...the girl about three and running around showing me how fast she was and the boy, seven, asking me what I was writing, asking if I would write a story about them. In fact, they are about to enter into the story I was writing when the little girl asked me what I was doing.
Arrived in Buenos Aires at 9 this morning. The airport out in flat countryside, a half hour from the city. We drove in through downtown, along the widest avenue in the world and down past the obelisk that marks the center of the city. European buildings and fashionable people under a sunny sky, temperature about 78.
Met Natalias parents and had to remember how to speak Chinese (more because we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant tonight). Natalia and I walking like two new lovers holding hands and smiling disgusting smiles walking along the river, past upscale restaurants with full patios, beer and wine drinkers, long lazy lunches. We ate two big steaks and had a beer and watched pigeons devour any food that touched the ground as a long row of fans turned in unison and our waitress tried to figure out what the hell she was doing.
Walked more than, and then got on the underground, train tracks surrounded by stones and pebbles, the tunnels dim. Got off near Palermo and walked around, boutique shops and outdoor cafes and restaurants and bars and nice houses and apartments bringing a once down area alive. Then two hours in a cafe while Natalia tutored before heading off to the aforementioned Chinese dinner. After dinner a late night walk along dark streets, avoiding the largest dog turds Ive ever seen, piles of trash and tossed clothes scattered across the sidewalks, falling into the street, torn out of trash bags by scavengers seeking treasure.
Now Im watching CSI.
Im also very tired. If you come across this post and are curious to see what Myanmar looks like, check out
Im hoping to go out tomorrow and take some pictures here...celebrating the fact that I finally have lenses for my camera again, after having my lens go bad in Myanmar. And maybe Ill get around to finding a school to study Spanish in and doing all the other things Im going to have to do at some point since it looks like Ill be here for awhile...


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