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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hmm..Whats Been Going On

It has been more than five months since I've seen this page, the one where you write your blog posts...I used to spend so much time doing this and since the end of my trip I havent had the least desire to come back to it. I suppose I should try to write at least a little bit now, lest anyone think I'm dead.
Since the last thing my brother posted up here, a lot has happened, most of which I will not talk about, but which does include the following: I spent several days on Ngapli (sp?) Beach in Myanmar, a place where the majority of the lodgings are at least $100 a night and go as high as $500 or $600 (the place I stayed at was the one cheaper place, and I had a bungalow on the beach for about $10). Every day I ate big breakfasts (buffet included in cost of room), body surfed, read thrillers that ranged from awful to at least it's entertaining, walked down to the fishing villages at the far end of the beaches where I watched the locals bringing in and drying out their fish - the locals being rail thin all bone and muscle dark-skinned people with big smiles, the men often wearing loin cloths and no else, the women in longgis, collecting shells, carrying things on baskets on their head - and then played soccer with the young men locals, this in the late afternoon after they finished fishing or working (the work being done at various construction sights, new resorts going up slowly. I should note that one of the people working on these resorts would have to save all their money for at least 3 years to spend one night in a bungalow). In the evenings I would write and then go out for dinner and 60 cent cocktails with whoever I met and spent time with that day. All in all a very restful and guilt-inducing way to spend most of my last week in Myanmar. From there I flew to Yangon and walked a lot, cursed my injured camera lens, sweated, and drank ABC beer on tap - Myanmar's version of Guinness and quite tasty at that.
After a day and a half in Bangkok I had a 31 hour from the time I got to the airport to the time I got home journey. I was then surprised to find that my parents had flown Natalia in from Argentina, perhaps the best present I have ever received.
We spent the first few days poring over all the pictures I had taken in China in order to pick out a few of the best. Then we went up to Chicago and I showed some of them to a gallery owner who was quite gracious and gave me honest and positive feedback...the gist, good eye, need technical just so happens that she is from Argentina and knows quite a few artist and photographers in B.A. so now I have some contacts so I can learn more about something I fell in love with on this trip (taking pictures, that is).
Then busy with Christmas. On Thursday going to Akron, Ohio for New Year's. In about three weeks going to Argentina and starting life again (I feel a bit on hold at the moment). Very exciting. A bit curious as to what the New Year will bring.
A lot of details being left out here, and I will try to fill them in with time. Ill try to get some pics up here from the rest of China and from Myanmar, pre-lens meltdown...speaking of which, still waiting to hear what the damage is and how much it will cost...lens currently sent off to Canon to be repaired. My Ipod however, which was rendered useless in China has since been replaced under warranty. That was nice.
So thats the thumbnail version of my life for the last month. Happy Holidays.


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