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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Good Question

A question to ponder for the day, or perhaps two. [Two days, or two questions?--ed.] Which is more important to you, time or money? This becomes an important question when traveling, as you often have a choice between a slower, cheaper mode of travel, or a faster, more expensive one. At this point in my life, I value my time much more.

The second question, an offshoot of the first. [Never mind.--ed.] Which is more important, comfort or money? I can and have done the money option many times in this case--as evidenced by some of my recent bus rides. However, tonight I am springing for a soft sleeper, a $60 ticket because I want comfort! I will be in Xian by tomorrow evening. Then I face this choice: towards Tibet, or towards Inner Mongolia and then northeast China, near the Russian border. Yesterday I was leaning towards Tibet. Today, towards the north. I think I will flip a coin in Xian.


Anonymous shawn said...

You are getting soft in your old age!! hahahahaha

4:26 AM  

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