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Monday, July 18, 2005

Pictures Posted

Sunday afternoon. My brother just left to go back to St. Louis. Natalia is hiding in my old bedroom. I have six days until I leave for Hong Kong and 5 months in Asia and I still don't have any idea of how I'm going to get to Singapore or what countries I will spend time in on the way. I wonder if I should be more concerned than I am about the complete lack of planning I am doing for this trip. I wonder, too, if I should be listening more to the constant "Don't go to China, don't go to Burma, don't blah blahs that I am hearing." Actually, I am listening to them and wondering what bad things will happen on this trip. Will I have my computer stolen like I did in Poland? Will I get sick? Or maybe, just maybe, will I have a nice peaceful trip through some beautiful and interesting countries and write a few books and take some nice photographs and meet some cool people?

Yesterday we returned from the Cincinnati Art Museum and I hear my mom ask my dad "Does Alan know about this?" And I don't know if this is something that I wasn't supposed to hear at all as I was just walking in and they didn't know I was listening. "Know what?" I asked. Now answer. "Know what?" I asked again. I was thinking maybe know about some death or some ex-girlfriend who got married etc. "Does Alan know about what?"

"China just said they will nuke the US if the US interferes in Taiwan."
"You better be careful! Don't go to China."

And I'm thinking, well, at least I won't be in the US when it gets nuked, right?

Anyway, I just posted some pictures from the trips to St. Louis, Montreal and Canada over on Out in the World Cities. Hope you enjoy.


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