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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Back From Canada

Just home from Canada. In the last week and a half, counting the trip to St. Louis, I covered about 3000 miles. What did these 3000 miles get me? A chance to check out Montreal and Quebec - both lovely, and Montreal leaving me to think hmm, this wouldn't be a bad place to live. It gave Natalia a chance to see my family up close and personal, at its dysfunctional best, which left us both thinking at times...please help us, let this end. I suspect I will be writing more on this dysfunctionality in coming weeks and months, as I think I may have pinpointed one of the reasons I chose to start traveling in the first place, as well as one of the reasons for traveling alone all of the time.
We stayed at a place between Montreal and Quebec, a place in the middle of nowhere in a town called St Hippolyte. The surrounding area was lovely with several picturesque towns and churches and farms. Ski areas all around as well, but of course, snow does not do so well when it is 34 C outside (which it was at or about most of the week). The resort, such as it was, was on a small lake which was nice enough to look at as the sun came down, except for the huge flies buzzing around our heads as we stood watching from a lookout point. You could row boats and ride paddle boats. There was a swimming pool and a poor man's version of a weight room. The restaurant, from what I was told, was overpriced, but there was a grocery store only 20 minutes away, so cooking in the room was not too difficult to accomplish (except for me, who does not know so much about cooking).
All in all it was a decent way to spend a week, although I must admit that the week away from Cincinnati left me feeling much more frayed than before I left (almost as if the jet lag effect came two weeks late).
Now Natalia and I have one more week in Cincinnati. Next Saturday she leaves for New York and I for Hong Kong...

And on that score. I have five months to get from Hong Kong to Singapore. I arrive July 24 and fly out of Singapore at 6 AM on Christmas Eve. A shorter trip than originally planned for, but after some deep thought, I think it is for the best as it will allow me to get to Buenos Aires sooner and with a bit more of a monetary cushion (though probably not enough still). How will I get from Hong Kong to Singapore? That I am not sure of, but hopefully it will be an interesting journey.

Anyway, I am keeping this short. It is my girlfriend's birthday and we both feel like crap after so much time in the car. I think we are going to go eat ice cream and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and buy the new Harry Potter book.Not the most exciting way to celebrate a birthday I suppose, but after a week with my family, I don't know if you would be feeling too social, either.

By the way, there will be photos coming soon...


Anonymous Lindsay said...

IMHO family is enjoyed so much more from a distance...a buffer of sorts:) I love my family dearly, but more so because we're apart.

Enjoy the new Harry Potter-I finished mine this morning. I highly recommend a series of books by Jim Butcher called 'The Dresden Files', six so far. It is basically an adult HP/mystery/etc that is well worth the read.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Alan Brinker said...

Thanks for the book suggestion...Unfortunately at the moment I have a back log of about 30 recently aquired books, not the mention the nine or so boxes I never got around to reading the last few times I've been home...And then there is the travel thing. Perhaps when I get back from Asia?!

Of course, I should just email you this stuff, and some more as well...I'll get to that soon!

Thanks for staying with the blog, Lindsay!

10:48 AM  

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