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Friday, June 10, 2005


Have you ever had the feeling that if you stop moving, that if you allow yourself a single moment to breathe and turn off, you will not be able to move again.

I have that right now. I am waking up at five in the morning (not by choice) and not falling asleep until near midnight. School is one flurry of activity and leaving school means one more dinner, one more occasion, one more night of cleaning the apartment.

Today is the day that our students have their graduation ceremony (even though they still have more than two weeks of school left). Yesterday, while rehearsing, we were up to five girls crying. It was sweet to watch, and, (whether from exhaustion or sentiment I'm not sure) I started to tear up as well.

Today is going to be a long day. A long, long day. A normal morning. At 3 we will be at the graduation hall. The show doesn't even start until seven, and won't be done until near nine. Then follows a half hour - hour of head-spinning, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic graciousness. Sixteen sets of parents simultaneously descending on the stage, wanting to photograph, congratulate, thank, etc. At least this year they have changed the flower policy. Last year I left with two trash bags full of flowers. The problem was, I was getting all of them while on stage and I had no where to put them. At one point I was holding four bouquets and could not see a thing. This year, I think there will just be one bouquet, or none at all.

None at all would be preferable as immediately following the show I must hustle my way to Taipei Main Station. Natalia and I will take an overnight train to the city of Kaoshiung, and then take an early morning bus to the beach town of Kenting. It is Dragon Boat Festival Weekend, which means that we met each other one year ago this weekend. We have both been so busy, I don't think either of us has stopped to consider all the changes and good things the last year have brought into our lives (well, I speak for myself here...she may be cursing the day she met me, I don't know!)

We will spend Saturday, and then Sunday afternoon in Kenting before returning to Kaoshiung and flying back to Taipei. Then the final two weeks of work begin...and speaking of, it is actually Natalia's last day today. Lucky thing. And next week, she flies to Bangkok and then Singapore.

It occurred to me the other day to wonder how my parents must view my life...I say that in this sense: I was talking to them on Skype the other night and I mentioned that Natalia will be going away to Bangkok and Singapore. This doesn't seem like all that big a deal here. Those places are not all that far away, and it is pretty cheap to fly. Considering though, that if I had heard those names five or six years ago. If I heard those names from the viewpoint of never having been to Asia and from the other side of the world. Images of jet-set life and mystery and an alien place.

Anyway, I have to go to school now. I guess I won't be posting anything for the next two or three days. Hopefully I will be a bit more relaxed upon coming back from the beach, but I have a feeling that this drive, this pace, this forward momentum that has grabbed my life and is dragging it towards a June 25th flight home will not abate until I am sitting on that plane.


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