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Monday, June 13, 2005

Busy Weekend

That we would make it back from Kenting yesterday was in doubt for awhile. First, the man driving us through typhoon like rain and wind insisted on ignoring the fact that the side lane was meant for breakdowns and emergency vehicles. While this made for a much faster journey through the traffic backed up for miles (the other main route from Kenting to Kaoshiung had been flooded and closed), it also made for a bit of stress and a suspicion that one car pulling over at the wrong time, or one too large puddle of water might do some serious damage to my long term health. Planes were flying on schedule, though, and, after making it to the airport in one piece, we took our 7:00 flight back. A bit of turbulence about halfway through again called into question my all my plans for the future, but that passed and we landed in Taipei just after 8.

Shortly thereafter, I checked my email and discovered that 1)my grandfather has been put into the hospital after what seemed like a stroke (but apparently was not). Whatever it was has left him without the use of his right hand, though, and it makes me all the more eager for the next 12 days to pass. And 2)Gabriel Joseph Loftus was born to my friends Matt and Karen back in Cincinnnati. Congrats, guys!

Friday night's graduation show went off without a hitch. The girls were beautiful, the boys were handsome, and the children put on a great show. My coteacher had some teary moments on stage and the parents were all in great spirits and obviously proud of their kids. The day was exahusting, though, especially the two times during the show that we had to change all of the kids from one outfit to another. Getting 16 kids from dresses, or shirts and ties, into a three piece outfit of black pants, white shirt and gold vest, and then back is not great fun, to be honest.

Following are some pictures from Kenting, and after that just two from graduation night. I didn't have a chance to take many pics on Friday, but my co-teacher's boyfriend did, and hopefully I will get some of those to put up here soon.

The Kenting pics seem heavy on the sunsets and skies, so I am letting out of a bit of a secret here. If I ever had to sign up for a singles service and posted some sort of brief description of myself, I would be the guy who says "Enjoys sunsets and long, hand-in-hand walks on the beach. Could you be the one for me?"

When I have a bit more time I am going to write a stinging criticism of some aspects of the service industry in Kenting. If I don't get around to doing that, I'm just going to say it now...some of the restaurants really suck when it comes to service.

Now off to my second to last Monday in Taiwan.


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