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Monday, June 06, 2005


Another weekend down, three weeks to go. Coming trip to Asia becoming more and more real by the day - not sure how I am going to route a few parts of this, and my parents are starting to give me a guilt trip about the possibility that I won't be home for Christmas. It can only mean traveling time is coming.

Yesterday we went out to the 101, planning to see some exhibition of sorts. Instead, thanks to the clear blue skies over Taipei, we decided to take the elevator up to the 89th floor observation deck of the tallest office building in the world.

The building boasts the fastest elevator in the world, climbing from the 5th floor to the 89th floor in 45 seconds. My ears popped several times going up and down, but the ride is very quiet and smooth. Once up, the views make one realize just how tall the building is, as everything in the city seems tiny, even the other skyscrapers.

Is the trip up worth the 350 NT ticket cost (10.50US, give or take)? You can look at the following pictures and decide for yourself. I will say, it might have been nicer to go up later in the afternoon to see the sunset.


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