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Monday, May 30, 2005


A weekend not as I expected. No beach, too much food, too much to drink, and a lot of pictures.

The weather was not so nice on Saturday and so we decided to stay in Taipei. We went out that night with some friends, and I will write more about that in the next day or two.

Yesterday I slept a lot and then went for a walk (late afternoon, down SongJiang Rd as far as the electronics market under the overpass at Civil Rd). The sky was full of clouds, but broken by the occasional patch of soft blue - the shade of blue that reminds me of autumn and spring in Northwest Indiana, the shade that I refer to as Simpson's blue because it is the same color as the sky at the beginning of the show.

I took about 45 pictures while walking, and tomorrow I will try to recreate that walk here, to give an idea of what a Sunday stroll means in Taipei.

Upon my return we went to the grocery store to get, well, groceries. We also rented The Motorcycle Diaries (which is a very enjoyable movie and left me feeling very ready to start traveling and writing) (Oh, and it quite bolstered my desire to go the length of South America with Natalia one day).

When returning from the store, I was quite captivated by the changing sky above me. Dark gray clouds not much higher than the buildings blowing through like they were being swept away by a broom. Above those another level of gray clouds, not as dark but more substantial, moving noticeably but at a slower pace. And then white clouds and patches of blue and orange coming and going from behind the cloud cover.

While Natalia started dinner, I went up to the top of the apartment building to watch and take a few pictures. It seems that too often the sky here is a boring shade of partly cloudy, or just gray, so when we get interesting skies it is reason to stop and look up.

Following are some of those pictures. I hope that they can convey at least a bit of what I saw. Also, I hope that they might express the way they sky in Taipei seems to crowd down on the city, as if it is offended by all the buildings that eat away at its space. If they nothing else, if I fail in these goals, I hope that you enjoy.


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