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Friday, May 20, 2005

Shameless Shilling

When I was out taking pictures yesterday, I was once more taken in by the flashing lights on the building down the street from my apartment. Sometimes it shows rainbow colors, sometimes words of love, and sometimes, well, every day lately, advertisements for Adidas.

I really like to wear Adidas shoes. I wear a pair of Adidas shoes every day now. They are comfortable, practical, and age well. This is not to mention that they are quite easy on the eyes.

If anybody from Adidas happens upon here, or if anyone knows anyone at Adidas, I would be more than happy to wear Adidas brand shoes and Adidas brand clothes on my trip through China this year for a small fee. Think about it - all those brand conscious Chinese wanting to celebrate their new found wealth, seeing this handsome foreigner wearing Adidas and deciding they have to go get their own right now! It is a perfect fit!

OK. I will stop sounding pathetic now, selling my soul like this. Following is some more free advertising for Adidas.

(But really, if you do know anybody who could help me out...)


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