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Sunday, May 22, 2005


It is not a good idea to play basketball in the middle of the afternoon when the temperature is 33 (more than 90 F). A rather exhausting endeavor to say the least. Perhaps I should have done today what I did yesterday - head off to the beach. Oh well. I guess on both days I was soaking wet and tasted like salt.

Yesterday as we were leaving the beach, I thought back to the first time I had gone to Baishawan. Actually, I think it was a conglomeration of memories. At any rate, I remembered drinking 70NT bottles of Heineken on the patio of the restaurant connected to the building where people shower and change their clothes that sits at one entrance to the beach. I remembered standing far out in the sea, the water as calm as a swimming pool, and warm, the sun coming down as a few of us threw a ball back and forth. And while we were doing this there was a Japanese porn star doing a photo shoot on the beach, surrounded by lustful (and young) Taiwanese guys. She was clothed, and she wasn't all that great looking, but, hey...she was a porn star. (I should say that I can not confirm that she has actually appeared in pornographic movies, but my friend swore he had seen an article about her in the paper, in town to do promotions of some sort). (Which leads to a second parenthetical thought - what kind of promotional work is done for porn movies?)

As I thought back to those days, I mentioned to my friend Lars that I find myself doing this a lot lately - shuffling back through the memories accumulated in two years in Taipei, and drawing connections between them. I suppose you could call it reflection.

Perhaps it was in the spirit of reflection that the pictures I took today seemed focused on the reflections found in the many glass buildings in Taipei. The buildings are all near my apartment (it was already late in the afternoon, and I really was exhausted from playing basketball).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the few that I have posted today.


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