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Saturday, May 28, 2005


This is a nothing post. A for the sake of posting post that, when I think about it, presumes a lot and has no real meaning. It presumes, for example, that there are readers who come every day and look forward to reading whatever little nugget I've written that morning, and it presumes that they will be thankful for this little heads-up:

I'm probably going to the beach later this morning and staying there overnight, so you can probably expect that I won't be putting anything up here until Monday morning.

Actually, but way of imparting some meaning, I will mention this. It was about 6 weeks after I came to Taiwan that a big group of us went to stay at the YMCA at Fulong Beach along the east coast. I went down on a Saturday afternoon after work. We drank a fair bit, sat out on the beach until well into the early morning hours, singing and listening to guitars and imprinting our clothes with the smell of campfire. The next day we were up early, soaking in sun, walking around, eating fresh seafood (including these adorable baby squid that I really felt bad about popping into my mouth), and generally being bums. I have a few pictures from that weekend somewhere around here.

Four weeks from the moment that I write this, I will be sitting at Chiang Kai Shek International Airport waiting for my flight home. Today, though, I'm going back to that YMCA. Of all the people who went that weekend, only two remain in Taiwan - myself and an American named Virginia who I have only run into once or twice in the last year. The rest of them have been dispersed across the globe. I suspect I will probably drink a silent toast to them tonight.


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