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Saturday, April 23, 2005

On to Matsu

With a mere nine weeks left in Taiwan, our coming departure becomes more real with each passing day. Natalia and I have made a small list of places we want to go and things we want to see and now the mad rush to make it happen. It started a few weekends ago with my trip to Lanyu and Green Island. Today it continues, as in an hour and a half I will fly to Beigang, one of the islands of Matsu, a chain of islands located between Taiwan and the Mainland. Meanwhile, Natalia will be off to Taichung, and then on Monday, Shanghai.

It does not seem the most auspicious day for travel. We just had a downpour and my mother stopped talking to me so that she could go watch Jane of Arcadia. A bit of a blow to the self-esteem, that. CSI, Law and Order, OK, I can imagine walking away for that, but Joan of Arcadia? Come on!

(No offense intended to die-hard Joan fans here. I have never seen the show, and I am sure it is quality entertainment)

As I will be away for a few days, this will mean silence for a few days followed by a mad outpouring of words accompanied by some quality images. Or so I hope.

Wishing a wonderful weekend to all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend...I'm still envious of your travel! Did you ever get the e-mail I sent to you a few days back or do you only check comments posted to your blog? I think the Joan of Arcadia is a religious mention of "24"?
Take care,
a/k/a Ropa

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Natalia said...

Is it your habit to always look down on other people's TV shows and music? Come on!

10:23 AM  

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