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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Kinmen Visuals

The following post is a verbal account of my trip to Kinmen. For those of you who prefer the more visual aspect of travel, I encourage you to go to:
Which could be considered the accompaniment to the post about Kinmen.

As a side note...I want to take a moment to mention something that happened while I was on Kinmen yesterday. While I was on the beach near Liaolo, I heard a large explosion. I stopped for a moment when I heard it, and then continued walking. I found out today that there was an accident with some explosives being used on a dam project on the island and that two people from Zimbabwe were killed. I had noticed a few black guys using the internet in my hotel on Saturday, and I wondered if they were Nigerians doing some sort of work on the island. Now I fear that perhaps they were the men killed. Not that a thought for them would do much either way, I suppose, but I still can't help but think about it.


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