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Friday, March 25, 2005

Taking Off

The week is over at last, and it is time to head off for a long weekend. I am leaving in a few hours for an overnight train to Taidong, which is in the Southeast part of the island. I am not looking forward to the train ride, as I will likely not have a seat (this will mean trying to find a semi-comfortable spot on the floor on which to lay my head). I am also a little sorry that I won't be here for the (hoped for) million person march tomorrow against the anti-secession law. I am sure that would be a great chance to take some pictures and here differing viewpoints about the complicated relationships in this part of the world.

I will get in to Taidong at around six in the morning, and then I will find a travel agent who can help me get to Lanyu, or Orchid Island as it is known in English. The only problem is, the planes flying there are small prop planes, and if there is any kind of wind, I have heard the flights are cancelled (or if there are not enough passengers), so I am a bit worried I might get there, but then have a problem coming back. The island is a small one, and is supposed to be quite beautiful - more South Pacific than Taiwan. There is a drawback though - a nuclear waste site on the southern tip of the island.

Anyway, I hope that when I come back on Tuesday (if I get back by Tuesday) I will have some pictures and thoughts to share.


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