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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Random Thoughts (1)

As for the title, I am just assuming that there will be many more random thoughts to come, so I might as well start a series of them or something.
A long week has just ended, and a hard week. After a few unseasonable warm and sunny days early in the week, February has returned and as Natalia and I walked home from watching The Aviator, we did so under umbrellas and a steady rain, unable to avoid the puddles filling the sidewalk, and shivering in the cold (well, ok, 12 degrees C, but like I said earlier, that feels really cold here). We have both been sick all week, with colds and stomach-aches, and we have been infected with this horrible form of malaise that makes it impossible to feel motivated to go to work. If the purpose of taking a vacation is to recharge one's batteries, then this vacation failed miserably. Our symptoms are different - hers related to her distaste for her job while mine relate to my lack of time for writing, studying, and figuring out how three months could possibly be enough to travel in China - but the result is the same. The result? Evenings spent bemoaning the fact that in x amount of hours we will be at work again. Healthy? I suspect not.
I wish I could focus on one thing for more than an hour or two at a time. I think that if one trait of mine presents my eventual downfall in life, it may very well be this. I thought that by this age, one should be, if not having already chosen a field to pursue, pretty darn sure of where things are heading. Sadly, my paths just keep multiplying, ideas sprouting and blooming and rushing out of my mouth in tiny bursts of excitement weekly, daily, sometimes hourly. Is this some sadistic form of ADD meant to prevent me from ever succeeding in anything?
Forgive the foray into melodrama.
Tomorrow we are going to Ilan County in Taiwan, which is on the east coast, maybe an hour and a half away by train. We are meant to stay in some resort where one of Natalia's friends helped us to get a deal for half-price room rate. I hope the room is really nice as, with the weather as it is, we will probably be spending most of our time there. If not, the grounds of the place are meant to have loads of fruit trees, and the surrounding scenery, at least in the brochures, looks quite inviting, so perhaps this country respid may proove a better source of rejuvenation than the trip to Cambodia. If nothing else, I'll have my Canon, my laptop, and a book with me to cover all the bases (and no doubt a girlfriend telling me to put those damn things down and talk to her already).
Hopefully when we get back on Sunday, I will have something more interesting ready to post up here for you...


Anonymous Natalia said...

Luckily, you didn't take your laptop or read and write too much... Otherwise, it'd have been another stressfull weekend due to my nagging...

11:51 AM  

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