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Monday, February 21, 2005

It seems like a good time to post this picture from Dasi beach. This was taken in June of last year on a last minute trip to the east coast with my friend Fauna. We had no plans to stay anywhere and ended up meeting a couple South Africans who let us crash with them on the first night in a wicked house near the beach. We stayed up late on the beach, watching a sweeping searchlight patrol the beach and the waters for (I suppose) immigrants and/or invaders. The second night we stayed with a kind old woman in a house right on the ocean front for about five dollars. This picture gives an idea of the mountains that rise almost straight from the coastline. This was taken with the S50, late in the afternoon when most people had already packed up their things and headed back to their houses or cars, or to catch a train back up to Taipei. Posted by Hello


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