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Thursday, February 03, 2005

How can 60 degrees feel so cold?

When people ask me how the winter weather is here in Taipei, I often complain about how cold it is. Then I mention the temperatures - between 55 and 65 F (8-13 C). Those are early spring and temps in Cincinnati, where I'm from, and on days like these, people feel it is time to shed one or two layers as the icy winter melts away. Stop complaining people say.
Well, Im going to complain again. The problem is, there is no central inside or out it doesn't matter. Yesterday I was teaching a class with a beanie on so I wouldn' get sick, and last night I slept with a long sleeve shirt on underneath my fleece and three blankets...I still slept like crap. Of course, the problem may have been all the green tea I drank, but that is besides the point.
The other problem with the weather is how bloody gray it is. Since January 1, I think we have had maybe 4 sunny days and seen the sun in a glimpse on maybe one or two other occasions. It is just like it was last year, every morning waking up and knowing it is gray outside, hearing scooters and cars driving on wet roads, their tires spinning up water...and the ever-present sound of water falling on the corrugated metal covering added on structures. It makes it damn hard to get excited about getting out of bed to write for awhile, let alone going into school to teach five year old kids how to read.
In 48 hours, though, I will be in Cambodia with my girlfriend, and the weather reports show sun and high eighties (28, 29 C)...relief! Of course, in May and June when every day creeps into the high eighties here, I'll be complaining about my electricity bill from the A/ can't win with the weather in Taipei. I just don't understand why I like it here so much.
The worst thing about the weather lately is that I've had few opportunities to take out my Canon 300 - the digital rebel - to play. I went up to Danshui one day, and around my place on another (some of the pics you see here), but precious few chances to get a feel for it...and now I'll be at Angkor Wat in a few days, having to figure everything out...I guess you could pick worse places to be.


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